Our service superior coaching improves SOL’s superiors’ well-being and effectivity

Over 200 superiors of cleaning, grounds keeping and security services have developed their leadership skills with the help of our coaching program. The starting point for the program is supporting the service superiors’ work. The goal is to improve supervisory work management, work efficiency and superiors’ own permanence.

Readiness for self-guidance is in the center of a 7 days long coaching program, built in collaboration with SOL’s superiors. The coaching includes a 360 degrees assessment, personal guidance, behavior modelling of the demanding situations of everyday work life, productivity solutions and development of personal efficiency.

The program includes a well-being analysis with the help of FirstBeat-monitoring and the superiors coach themselves with the help of mental programs. The well being of the service superiors is affected with an individual program. The effectivity and deepness of the coaching are based on compact small groups operating throughout the program, each of which have their own coach. During the coaching there has been carried out a doctoral dissertation on supervisor’s construction of identity. The coaching is carried out in a close collaboration with SOL’s management so that the management operates as a co-coach on part of the days of coaching. As the coaches of the program there are Päivi Frantsi, Satu Kaski and Tapani Frantsi.

SOL Magazine’s article:

Own superior role was strenghtened

Working as a service superior in Vantaa, Hanna Reponen attended the coaching in autumn 2012. As a superior working in cleaning services, she felt happy in the end of the program:

“Now I feel good and wistful. We had a good group spirit. I have gotten advice and support, just like I had been in therapy!”

The superior coaching gave, in Hanna’s opinion, good tools for everyday work, for example for human resources management.

“Before the responsibilities could hover, but now there was strenghtening on my own superior role. I remain tight inside certain lines and do not go slipping to a too personal area.”