Suomen Palloiluliitto

A coaching program for the Ball Games Association of Finland for its employees’ work management and well-being

Päivi Frantsi and Satu Kaski carried out the first full-time association workers’ work management and well-being oriented coaching program in year 2009 for Uusimaa and Helsinki disctricts. In year 2010, in addition to Helsinki and Uusimaa group Coaching II spread country wide. In 2014 there is another program going on again, with it, the Ball Games Association is showing the way in improving professionalism.

There are 52 full-time association workers altogether, who have been through the program. The training consists of 5 sequences of about 4 hours. In the program, the focus is on streghtening the association worker’s (coach, chief of coaching, operations manager) own resources and improving his/her self-guidance. The goal is to improve work well-being and strenghtening the joy of work, making the work role clearer, assessing and developing one’s own action/work. One central goal is also improving the collaboration with the management and receiving colleagueal support.

Coaching program links to the everyday work of associations. The feedback has been positive and the participants have experienced the training very useful in the development of one’s own work. It has been about investing on association’s and worker’s future.

Participant’s comment:

“Coaching helped me to approach my own work and the things related with it from a new and needed perspective. It gave confirmation of certain, already existing, thoughts and practices. It gave new reason to think about own well-being and the sensibleness of working.”