Päivi ja Tapani Frantsi

Tapani Frantsi

I started as a swimming coach, but soon I was making personnel’s induction programs and leadership guide books. In the beginning of my career, I worked in sports associations and in Finland’s Sports Institute as an educator of leadership for 10 years. I did a side leap to Africa in the beginning of the 90’s and after this I worked as a team coach and work community developer. I studied business and worked as a developer of creative methods in the unit of Aalto University in Lahti.

Since the founding of our business I have worked as a developer of management teams, strategy consultant and leadership coach. I have researched leadership from different perspectives and finished my doctoral dissertation on aging in leadership. Along with our own business, I have worked as a innovation expert in Susinno Inc. and in the innovation research group of the technical university of Lappeenranta.

As a coach, I am demanding, yet encouraging.

Päivi Frantsi

My work and whole professional career has been guided by an interest in people and different humane sides of life. My competence reaches from athletes psychological coaching to superiors, leaders and work communities coaching. I am excited about change and searching for new perspectives. My approach is resources and solutions centered.

I have graduated as a master of psychology from the university of Jyväskylä in 1984 and completed a licensiate degree of work and organizational psychology in the university of Helsinki in year 2003. In August of 2013 I finished my doctoral dissertation in the management department of the business school of the university of Jyväskylä. My dissertation discussed women supervisors’ identity stories.

I have certificates granted by Finland’s Association of Phychology for phychological personal assessment and sports and physical education.


We are team players and partnership is a central value for us.
As the results, along with numerous development projects, there are also research reports.

Organizational Psychologist Satu Kaski, ClearMind Oy, acts as a brilliant coaching partner in the superior coaching.

For sustainable innovation advancement, Susinno Inc. acts as our partner.

Vierumäki is not only an operational environment, but also a strategic partner for us.

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