Konsultit Frantsi


Our business was born in 1997 in the fuss of a large family on the kitchen table. We combined Päivi’s psychological competence with Tapani’s coaching skills. In the initial phase we did person recruitment assessments, work community development and team coaching.

1998: Top ice hockey coaches were the first application of 360-degree analyses in leadership training group.

1999: Collaboration with FaraxGroup Sweden ltd and the start of our fist management team projects.

1999: In mental coaching, we carried out the tuning of SOL Services’ sales orgnanization


In the turn of the millennium, we focused on the coaching of mid-level management and intensified web based coaching. In our management training we deployed assessments, Aamulehti, the Science and Business Park of Lahti and associations’ management teams as our customers.

2002: We carried out middle management coaching for Tax Administration and practical superior programs for supervisors

2003: Päivi’s licensiate thesis about the leadership behaviour of ice hockey coaches.

2004: Work well-being strategy for the tax bureau of Uusimaa. Superiors’ self-guidance was on the surface and there were many good projects in that area. We started working on work well-being projects.

2005: We did the first coaching programs for the Golf Association of Finland and coaching for the tax bureau of the Inner Finland.

2006 : Päivi started as a psychologist at the health care center Dextra in Helsinki.

2007: Satu Kaski joins the team. We received AA+ credit rating.

2008: Our business got involved with Susinno Innovation Office as a founder shareholder.


In this decade we have carried out coaching programs and superior coachings with Satu Kaski. We have developed the assessment methods of management teams and the assessment of board of directors.

2011: The coaching program of soccer professionals with the circle of Uusimaa.

2011: The self-assessment of the board of directors of the Science and Business Park of Lahti Inc. (Present LADEC Inc.)

2013: Päivi finished her doctoral dissertation on supervisory work in the cleaning sector.

2014: The Onnenreppu (Happiness Back Bag) -program of SOL Services Inc., financed by the Work Conservation fund.